How to Obtain your Meat Licence

A limited edition of 100 Meat Licence documents are now available to any individual who can legally prove that they have personally engaged in acts of killing. In order to obtain your Meat Licence you will need to carefully read and complete a pro-forma affidavit (sworn statement of fact) which can be downloaded from here: Download Affidavit

Meat Licence documents are available in one (or all) of the following categories: fish, bird, mammal. In order to receive your Licence you must complete and return sworn affidavits for each of the kills that you wish to authenticate. The licence you receive will reflect the categories of killing in which you have engaged. It is possible to add extra categories to your licence at a later date.

Licence Requirements:

  • Another person must be present when you engage in any act of killing, and they are required to sign the affidavit document as the legal witness.
  • It is fundamentally important that the kills with which you are engaged, are legal, within the local jurisdiction where you are operating (e.g. some forms of killing in the Netherlands may not be permitted in the UK and vice-versa - if in doubt check with your local authority.)  
  • No responsibility whatsoever is accepted by theThe Meat Licence Proposal for any adverse consequences arising from your attempts to obtain your meat licence. Should you wish to engage in any acts of killing then you do so at your own risk and your own expense.

Completed affidavits can be submitted (as scans or photographs) to the address below. Please include a postal address to which your licence will be sent if all the information is correct.

licence (at)

For illustration only, below is a completed version too as an example. In Sascha's case he also provided photographs as supporting evidence: this is not an essential legal requirement, but any additional documentation will be helpful.