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First Edition Meat Licences

I am pleased to announce that first edition Meat Licence documents are available from 1st of July 2013 to any individual who has legally demonstrated their own specific and personal engagement with acts of killing.

Following a successful test and demonstration of the process by Sascha Landshoff in the Netherlands (during the first six months of 2013) a limited edition of legally valid Meat Licence documents will be made available to individuals who can demonstrate their engagement with acts of killing in the categories "fish", "bird", and "mammal" (further specified in the new section on the website "How to Obtain your Meat Licence" which is available 1st of July 2013). *The implimentation of this online registration scheme has been postponed - new date tbc.

These first edition Meat Licence documents are available worldwide starting from the 1st of July in a strictly limited edition of one hundred.

Dutch chef and photographer, Sascha Landshoff (assisted by Philip Schuette) became the first individual to obtain the Meat Licence which is a document legally recognising his specific personal engagement with acts of killing animals. 

This Piggy Goes To "The Market"

(Statement 1st January 2012)

 Dear citizen,

From the first of January 2012, The Meat Licence Proposal will begin a new strategy of developing 'Licenced Products' for sale within the market.

Meat Glue


On the 29th of January 2010, The Meat Licence Proposal introduced - 'CLINIC' - a new consultation framework for engaging the public with aspects of the proposed Meat Licencing Law.


The Inaugural Public Meeting of The Meat Licence Proposal will be webcast between 12pm and 1pm on Saturday 18th April 2009.

Wiki Meat Licence

To coincide with our Inaugural Public Meeting we are launching a wiki site:

It is hoped that, over the course of 2009, a robust and viable approach to "Meat Licencing" can be developed.

Open Access - Barcamp Liverpool

To coincide with Barcamp Liverpool we have made The Meat Licence Proposal site open to all users without the need to log in for 3 days only.