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Brave New World?

I was asked to create a series of images in response to the Meat Licence Proposal. These images were displayed at the dinner marking the launch of '2009 - Year of Activism.' They were conceived to provoke discussion about the proposal amongst the dinner guests.

A lot of my work is concerned with character and storytelling, so I found it easier to create these illustrations once I'd created a narrative to put them in. The narrative was simply - A British society in which The Meat Licence is in effect. How would the licence be adopted by our culture? Would particular customs/traditions evolve to help ease it into our way of life? How would existing social systems adapt to the licence?

This image is a souvenir photo of a young man with his family to mark the occasion of his first kill. He has been given the animal's tail as a memento.

This illustration shows a group of children on a school trip to an abattoir. The style of these illustrations was intended to be slightly nostalgic, as though from a textbook. This was in order to make the Licence appear more embedded in our culture.

A business man proudly holding his captive bolt pistol. The idea being that he is a kind of 'weekend warrior' - the killing of animals being an outlet for him from his hum drum 9 to 5 working week.

This is a loyalty card, similar to one from a coffee shop or fast food outlet. Kill six cows and you get the choice cuts from the sixth for free.

This is a captive bolt pistol designed for the discerning woman. Fits dicreetly into any handbag.

A young man with a ceremonial spear. I imagined particular fashions and desirables becoming associated with the Licence. I wondered whether these items might reference cultures where the slaughter of animals is already commonplace and/or ritualised.