Berlin Vegans

Submitted by John_O on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 13:32

Whilst in Berlin, I saw this pavement demonstration by a Vegan group.   They were trying to make a very strong visual connection between the slaughtering of animals and the eating of meat. 

I was  unable to get a satisfactory answer from them as to whether vegans would be in favour of a law which made the link between meat and the slaughtering of animals even more tangible.

It would be interesting to hear a vegan perspective on The Meat Licence Proposal (either from an individual or an organisation).

Shoppers go nuts for squirrel pasty

 'Shoppers go nuts for squirrel pasty' - May 11th 2008

This article from 'The Metro' last month has a fantastic photograph which makes the link between animal and food really clear.  The butcher is proudly displaying the dead squirrel, and then the meat, and then the pasty.

Of course, squirrels are currently exempt from The Meat Licence Proposal - as are rabbits and others domestic pets such as cats, dogs and guinea pigs.  

Is this a loophole that needs to be addressed by the M.L.P?