Does the logic follow...?

Submitted by John_O on Mon, 06/16/2008 - 13:24

People who are comfortable with eating meat, should be equally comfortable with killing animals.

People who are not comfortable with killing animals, should not be allowed to eat meat.

This is the basic premise of 'The Meat Licence Proposal.'

Does this logic work?

Does the logic work?

I agree that the logic does work. As a meat eater, we are agreeing that it is acceptable to allow an animal to be slaughtered for it's meat. If we disagree with this then surely we should re-evaluate eating the meat in the first place. It is something that people should face up to, it is too easy to hide from at the moment -pretending that beef grows on shelves. Our conscience is clean. With the Meat License the reality would set in.

If your conscience is clean despite this then great, you will not have to re-evaluate a thing. I'm still doing some soul searching . . .

That's a bit of a leap

You can agree with and benefit from things without wanting to get involved in the process. I don't want to maintain the sewers but I'm happy that someone else does. I don't have to actively get involved in the process of faeces disposal to enjoy my plumbing. I like porn. Wouldn't want to make it to be honest. I like the fact that they lock murderers up. Don't really want to have to guard them myself if that's ok with everyone.