Percy Pig Faces

Submitted by John_O on Mon, 06/16/2008 - 16:29

It is good to see that these friendly jelly pig faces are quite clearly labelled - aside from glucose syrup and sugar, the next most important ingrediant is pork gelatine. 

The pig's skin, which gives these sweets their form, goes through a lengthy process of acid pretreatment, extraction in hot water, filtration, evaporation, sterilisation, drying and grinding.

The Meat Licence Proposal, in it's current state, would require only that individuals have slaughtered a pig and obtained a licence for them to be able to purchase and consume these sweets.

Percy Pigs, Bovril and more

Percy Pig answers one of my first questions: how will products with nominal amounts of animal-derived ingredients be handled under the proposal?

If you wanted to use Worcestershire sauce, for example, you would first need a fish licence - it contains anchovies.

This can be gotten around by replacing the animal-derived ingredients with vegetarian alternatives, although this can be met with hostility when it comes to jiggering around with brand-name foodstuffs. 

Take Bovril for example - their decision to take beef their recipe in 2004 was met with complaints in the media; it didn't taste the same!

Bovril argued it was necessary because:

1) There was a European ban on British beef because of various food scares (BSE, food and mouth etc)

2) They wanted to increase their sales in SE Asia, where the use of non-halal beef in Bovril would have been prohibited by several governments.