Forbidden Jelly

Submitted by John_O on Tue, 06/17/2008 - 23:35

In the cases of the Muslim and Jewish faiths, there are already many instances where the consumption of certain meats is prohibited.

In the Muslim faith only 'halal' meat (literally 'permissable') can be consumed - all other meat is prohibited.  Pork is forbidden outright - so the gelatine used in the manufacture of this jelly is likely sourced from by-products of the fishing industry.


Halal slaughter in the UK is governed by the 'Welfare of Animals Slaughter or Killing Regulation 1995.' The Halal Food Authority states, for Halal Slaughter:

  • a licensed Muslim slaughterer would slaughter in a
  • licensed slaughterhouse and
  • in the presence or supervision of a Veterinary Official

The Meat Licence Proposal should examine closely the practicalities of the many different instances of observed slaughter already being practiced in the UK prior to deciding exactly how it's own particular legislation and infrastructure will work.

Halal Food Authority

Welfare of Animals Slaughter or Killing Regulation 1995