As a vegetarian

Submitted by Neil_W on Fri, 07/11/2008 - 10:21

As a vegetarian, I have realy mixed feelings about this proposal. I have said many times that I would have a lot more respect for meat eaters, if they were prepared to kill the animals that they were wanting to eat. This usually feels like a good thing to say to people down the pub, & usually gets a 'fair enough' type of response from whoever I am talking to.

But when am pushed to really think about that, as I have been by this project, I am not so sure. Would the Meat License Proposal legitimise the killing of animals?

I don't like the idea of a single animal being killed, in fact I hate the idea, of us as humans, ending another sentient beings life,,,

Hmm, I am not sure which way will the Meat License go? Wether it will ultimately put people off meat, (which is what I would want), or get them more actively involved in being a carnivore.

As an omnivore

I think your concerns are realistic. I mean, as far as media representation of the supermarket stuff that makes up the majority of my diet goes, I should really spend a bit more time worrying about exactly what condition animals are reared in and how it meets it's end. The fact is of course that fatty chickens that have been kept in tight cages taste nicer due to their juicyness than ones that have been able to leg around and build chewy muscles. I manage to just not think about it until this kind of proposal is presented to me. For the record, I'd have no problem if I knew I had to pop into the abatoir every couple of weeks and kill a few bits and bobs.  I'm sure  they'd  sort an area out where you could maybe mix it with some shooting practice, perhaps introducing a whole new hillbilly concept theme park for the kids.

It doesn't seem fair  to those people that wouldn't feel the same - my wife for example. Thing is, since when did everyone who eats meat have to kill it? There was always hunters and those  that did the other stuff. OK, the ratio is massively different now and skewed by the industrialisation of it all - but someone should no more have to kill an animal before they eat one than they should have to strip down an engine before they ride a bus.

It would legitimise the killing and get more people involved. It wouldn't make me raise swine in a humane way, I haven't got the space. But my main issue, is that it would marginalise people in a way that isn't in any way more natural than the current status quo.

As someone currently not eating meat...

As the Proposal stands at the moment - anyone wishing to eat meat (eg. poultry) would only need to kill one animal from the poultry and game category in order for them to obtain the necessary licence (e.g. kill one chicken.) 

I think the crucial thing about The Meat Licence Proposal is that it forces us to confront the act of killing which is implicit in all meat products.  If killing makes us uncomfortable then we are not allowed by law to consume meat - I think that this is quite reasonable.

The Meat Licence Proposal gives people the opportunity to make an informed and considered choice.

May we kill these animals by

May we kill these animals by remote control? I'm just thinking of the more squeamish again. Or maybe set landmines and come back in a week?

How to kill the animals?

It is a very urgent concern for The Meat Licence Proposal - How to kill the animals? 

This is for all of us to decide together during this enquiry period - How do we ensure an appropriate level of engagement with the act of killing to ensure the participant's own involvement is not tokenistic?

Hooks, traps, guns, gas, knives, electric current,  boling water, mallets: these are some of the tools of slaughter but what about more industrialised slaughter methods?

I think it is fair to say that, in purchasing and consuming meat we are already responsible for the deaths of animals.  The Meat Licence Proposal, as I understand it, would ask that individuals be actively involved in the slaughter.