Meat is murder

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Just wanna add up, some

Just wanna add up, some people also eat dogs in philippines which very brutal act. I strongly agree that this is one way commiting murder.

Murder applies to humans NOT animals

At the moment, U.K. Murder Law only applies in the case of Human victims - not animals.  (There is no indication that this will change under the The Meat Licence Proposal).

It is not possible to MURDER an animal in the U.K.

The meat industry involves the deliberate and lawful killing of animals.

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Killing animals is of course

Killing animals is of course a huge crime. Cruelty to animals has a huge punishment.

Could this guy be a test case?

I was speaking to a friend about the proposal the other day, & she mentioned a friend of hers. He is a staunch vegetarian, & is the kind of guy who spends his holidays, working to protect endangered species in the tropics. So far, so true to stereotype, but, he spent a recent holiday, on an island somewhere, killing one group of non indigenous animals, in order to protect the indigenous species !!!??!!

OMG! (as the kids would say)

He was telling her about one guy, who was trying to kill a wild boar by stabbing it in the heart, but kept missing, & what a noise/mess it made.

I would like to know a bit more about how this guy feels about all this? Is it a bit like the treehugging version of, what if you had the chance to kill hitler, poser?