Eating meat without a licence? (Penalties & Enforcement)

Submitted by John_O on Wed, 09/10/2008 - 12:54

Under the proposed U.K. Meat Licencing Law could an individual be charged for eating meat without a licence?

What would the charge be?

(I ask this with reference to the blog post - 'Samosa Roulette.')

Strict Liability?..

If an individual has consumed meat without a licence then they have clearly violated the law. There are examples in our current legal system which make the case that they must be charged.  This kind of law is called STRICT LIABILITY.

Take the example of an individual who parks on double-yellow lines by accident.  If spotted by police or traffic warden then they will be fined, no matter what the excuse.  And if you park on zig-zag lines you get a fine AND 3 points - no matter what!  Even if you're an ambulance driver!

That's the law - everybody is subject to laws of strict liability - there are no arguements and that is how it is fair.