Every loves a good ritual

Submitted by Nick H on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 11:52

Could it be written into the law that when a new sovereign is crowned in the United Kingdom, they slit the throat of a swan? With the same big sword used for knighting Elton John etc.

It would provide for the swan-eating antics of the monarch under the MLP, not to mention establishing an appropriatly eccentric English tradition.

Endorsement of the MLP by the monarchy is an important step in making the law popular to those who might otherwise be it's fiercest opponents: readers of The Daily Mail.




Every loves a new ritual

Yes I would love to see the new king or Queen  slit the throat of  a swan  upon their annointment,  lets put the sex back into  royal ceremony.

Why should the asylum seekers have all the swan killing fun.

Having said that I spent every saturday aged 2-15 partaking in the cannabilistic ritual, that we know as holy communion.

Apparently it was inherited from the tradition of eating the flesh & drinking the blood of a great king after he was killed, in the hope that the drinker would inbibe some of his spirit/power/strength.

Although through christianity this tradition evolved into a symbolic cannibalism, it is still something young catholics need a license for.

Doing your first holy communion, with all the classes, discussions, costume & colouring in, that its preparation entails, is an important opportunity to educate/indoctrinate members of the catholic family/society.

How could we develop the educational side of the meat license?

Would it be developed globally to apply to everyone in a uniform way in a similair way to the license itself, or would the educational program be developed differently in different places?