Barbie Liberation Organisation

Submitted by Nick H on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 16:30

In 1989 the Barbie Liberation Organisation was founded. Here are details of their activities. 

1. Propose something similar be done with electronic children's farmyard toys. Mooing cuddly stuffed cow is re-engineered to play the sound of abattoir screams and panic. Shock tactic to remind consumers our 'cute friends' are bred to die and be chopped up in horrible ways.

2. Safeway used to have a push-button Daisy The Moo Cow by the milk shelves and a push-button Harriet Hen over by the eggs. Kids get to push the button and marvel at nice Ms Cow or Mrs Hen.

If these (or similar in other outlets) still exist, suggest doctoring them to produce horrible boltgun-induced shrieks. Same reasons as above.

Ban on Dancing in NYC

Hey Nick, your post reminded me of this group "Metropolis in Motion" founded to combat New York City's draconian "Cabaret Laws" which make it illegal to dance in many bars and clubs in Manhattan.

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