Grassroots Authoritarian

Submitted by Neil_W on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 11:34

Thinking about the Meat License lately I have been struck by how paradoxical it can appear.

Grassroots Authoritarianism?

We want to work as a 'community" to develop a law, on a grassroots level, in as open (source) a way as posible, to develop a law, which will then be zoomed up above us, to apply to everyone in quite an authoritarian way. No-one will be excempt, law breakers will be punished.

How can we use this?

I think it is useful to think of the implementation of the law as being on a continuum between fascism and voluntarism.

I personally find the idea of it being implemented in a fascist, or even new labour way, terrifying, although this could just be my squeemishness. If our priority is getting the most number of people to engage with what is on their plate then this is definitely the best way of working.

Futher down the continuum, is the idea of a voluntary adoption of a law that is binding to the community that  adhere to it. I think that this would be something  that I would be a lot more comfortable with politically, and it raises a lot of questions about the nature of laws.

I think some of the most interesting territory is in this grey area, between laws, codes of conduct & social rules, maybe that is what the Meat License should be playing with.