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Submitted by John_O on Sat, 11/22/2008 - 10:34

Should The Meat Licence Proposal enter More4's contest to be submitted before parliament? 

What are the implications?

Could this level of public attention really carry a popular idea into U.K. legislation?

As I understand it - The Meat Licence Proposal has never been intended as a popular law, but a necessary one.

Or could this media game be harmful to the true aims of The Meat Licence Proposal, by presenting our activism as entertainment or light relief?

True Aim

Of course you should take part in the stupid bloody programme! Why wouldn't you? Many laws are passed precisely because of a knee jerk reaction to something in the media. That's partly why there are so many.

You have created a media forum on which to open debate. Taking part in such a venture would surely open your debate to many more folk...

Or do you only want to discuss your law with veggie artists?

Not that your law will get anywhere, there is far too much money at steak (pun intended). 

Whose Law is it Anyway?



Law, Art, Meat and media?

We can't hide from the media game's influence on shaping civil life so I think that its important for the Meat Licence Proposal to react to that. It does raise a lot of questions though...

Is there a side to the proposal that can face the media?  Is it Law, Art, Meat and media?

Is it the aim of the proposal to achieve a level of interest through other means rather than the law itself being passed?

Guardian: "We're all Activists Now"

"From recycling to mass protests on social networks like Facebook, having an ethical conscience is becoming part of our daily lives. Now it's the turn of governments and companies to change", writes Andy Miah.

Private Members Bill

Whilst I agree that the involvement of More4 would, no doubt, bring wider public attention in the short term, I also think that, putting The Proposal under intense scrutiny at a premature stage could have a severe detremental results.

My perspective is that The Meat Licence Proposal - 1 year in - is still at a very early stage of development eg. we do not yet have a draft bill.

At this time, I don't think that The Proposal, even if it were to be selected by More4, would be given real consideration in parliament in its current form.

I think we would be more prudent to watch this one from the sidelines and see what we can learn about the UK media's relationship to legislative process and how the programme is received by the general public.

That said, if other individuals strongly believe that The Proposal should be put forward in some form then I would urge them to do so. 

I will be contacting More4 this week to make them aware of The Meat Licence Proposal (but I personally will not be offering to take part in the show.)