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To coincide with Barcamp Liverpool we have made The Meat Licence Proposal site open to all users without the need to log in for 3 days only.

Networked Democracy

A presentation by Rob McKinnon introducing principals of "Networked Democracy" putting sites like in a historical context following a long tradition of interface between society and government.  TWFY is a website "...which aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their elected and unelected representatives in Parliament..."  Rob set up a New Zealand branch:

Some Interesting Points:

In 1893, women were given the right to vote in New Zealand.  In the campaign that leading up to this breakthrough, suffragettes adopted 'social tagging' techniques - wearing white flowers to show their support. 

Should The Meat Licence Proposal have some form of informal subscription to indicate support? Pin Badges? Stickers?

Julian Todd - Liverpudlian - wanted to know how UK politicians had voted on the Iraq War - so set up and then  I think that it would be great to get an interview with Julian on here...



BarCamp Presentation

On Sunday, I took the opportunity to share the development of The Meat Licence Proposal to date with those in attendence at BarCamp Liverpool.

At the beginning I did a quick poll and found that 10 out of the 23 people present were in agreement with the basic premise of The Meat Licence Proposal, which was very encouraging.

"If you are comfortable eating meat - then you should be comfortable killing animals / If you are not comfortable killing animals - then you should not be allowed to eat meat." 13-5-08

At the end, I asked those in attendance "How might a principle of Open Source Law be possible?"


Liverpool Barcamp

Here's a great summary of Liverpool's first ever Barcamp, held during December 2008:

Martin Owen : Barcamp Liverpool