The Law Maker - Punish the Young!

Submitted by John_O on Thu, 12/11/2008 - 12:30

More4's "Lawmaker" programme reaches it's handover stage this evening (Thursday 11th) when proposals for new laws, put forward by viewers, are put to the backbench MP's who win the Private Members Ballot.

Interestingly, two of the Proposals on Channel 4's website seem to share a common theme - making things harder for younger people. 

Karen Cholerton's Proposal suggests that driving tests should be much harder, including a compulsory attitude test (and "some sort of video that includes people who have been invoved in car crashes and fatal accidents...)

Clare Hanbury's Proposal demands that all young people complete a mandatory years paid work before they are allowed access to higher education...



This is a good thing to know,

This is a good thing to know, knowing that rights do practiced by officials.

Is Spam your favourite meat?

Hi tibian,

I am wondering what your favourite kind of meat is?  I don't have a favourite, but I would have to say that my least favourite is Spam!