Food Perverts

Submitted by Neil_W on Tue, 01/20/2009 - 16:39

I was watching tv round at a friends the other night & the program 'Could you eat an elephant?'

What a program this was, two esteemed chefs,  one of who runs a restraunt called the 'St John' which has 'nose to tail' attitude to eating animals.

They made the interesting point that its a bit odd that we in the uk only tend to eat the meat of four animals.

Pig, Cow, Sheep, Fish.

So they decided to explore cuisine around the world, meeting people with less limited tastes than us.

My mates made two interesting comments.

1) S said that as a Muslim, my religion says I am not supposed to eat anything, if the thought of eating it makes me gag.

2) J said I can't believe that they are eating horses, horses are so noble.

We got into a bit of an argument/debate about that last comment, started to ask ourselves why feel so close to some animals & not others. J Said that it was maybe a something to do with the service that animals such as horses & dogs, have given us as we have evolved together.

As we catogorise which animals would need which licenses, should the meat licence treat killing & eating all animals equally, no matter how squeemish it makes us feel?

Will there be a spectrum from pets to ugly bastard animals?

 Who are the food perverts? The dirty foreigners or us?


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