Irrational Choice

Submitted by smeech on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 01:02

Check out the video below,

5 minutes in, Dan Ariely outlines reasons why some countries have a high level of people signing up to organ donation. Is it about culture? Government strategy? Or clever design...?

I find this video interesting because some of Ariely's examples show how disengaged from decision making we are generally, whilst other examples illustrate how are choices are affected by the options available, and are largely irrational as a result.


Testing our Intuitions - Dan Ariely

Another very interesting talk by Dan Ariely sharing the results of various experiments he conducted to find out what makes us cheat:

In one experiment he conducted a test offering a cash prize for questions answered correctly.  When he substituted the cash for tokens (which could be immediately exchanged for cash) he found that cheating amongst participants doubled...

What does this say about the consistency of our moral and ethical codes?