Submitted by John_O on Thu, 01/28/2010 - 15:04

During 2010 The Meat Licence Proposal will be focusing on a theme of "DIY LAW MAKING.

To start this off there will be a special Meat Licence Proposal event taking place in London on Friday 29th of January, which is being supported by TASTY! Talks.


The old police station, 'do it yourself art centre,' is an experimental economic and social model, occupying the old Deptford police station, with a radio station, cafe, supper clubs in the prison cells, a cafe open Tues-Sat, large gallery, DJband space, 3 independent project spaces and over 40 artist studios.


Do we want our clean hands on dirty law?

This is a comment I made at the "Climate For Change" discussion last year, I am only just getting round to posting it up on the site now.

I normally think of law as being a technology for controlling people, and as someone with a libertarian socialist outlook, I can't help but question wether we should be wanting to get our hands on law, any more than we should want to get our hands on chemical weapons?

As a caveat it's important to say I know it is important not too be too rigid in this thinking, I would admittedly cheer on any campaigning group that were successful bringing about positive changes to the law, and in many ways the rule of law as is, is preferable to completely naked Capitalism. Still, I don't think that getting more of our hands on the trigger of law is the answer to the questions this project is posing.

Would it be possible to create a new kind of law that enforced its power only over voluntary subjects?